Vicarious Rex is a fully functional music machine.  Vrex is part music label and part recording studio located in Walla Walla, WA.  Since 2006, Vicarious Rex has been releasing rockin’ tunes and providing high quality recording services.

Founded with the purpose of releasing albums and providing support for talented independent artists as a music label, Vrex developed an alter ego as a recording studio when several local musicians began inquiring about accessible high quality/low cost recording services.

The first official release from the label was the Cody Beebe debut “Verbs” in November of 2006.  This was followed by The Blast’s “Lock Down Lights Out” the following summer. From 2008 through the summer of 2011 the Walla Walla based recording studio took center stage, as the music label went on hiatus from releasing new music.  During this time VRex was lucky enough to take part in the recording of many very talented artists from across the state of Washington.

In late September of 2011, Vicarious Rex made a big move, heading west to Seattle and leaving the studio behind.  This move provided a great opportunity to refocus on the music label.  On Dec. 30, 2011 Vrex released the label’s first album in 4 years with Pierce Johnson’s “Another Day” EP.  However, the move to Seattle proved to only be temporary as, in December 2014, Vrex returned to Walla Walla and moved back into its former studio space.

All along the way, Vicarious Rex has continued its mission to help inspire, create and promote local independent music.

Meet the Team