TWKND 29: Pollen Paws

March 20, 2015
Created by Justin Wayne

This week we captured Pollen Paws‘ Kit Crawford before he ran back to Portland for some burritos, a chat and some great live session tracks. You’ll also hear music from a few of the artists coming to town in the next few weeks and perhaps even a new jingle or two! The Playlist Bad Blood […]

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TWKND 28: Dakota Brown Band

March 12, 2015
Created by Chris

This week the guys dragged in all the members of the Dakota Brown Band in the studio, as well as a few hangers-on for a great live session and interview. You’ll hear them discuss their upcoming album, how the band’s worked together so well this year and why they shot their music video in Hawaii […]

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TWKND 27: Rogue Lobster and Vicarious Rexing it

March 9, 2015
Created by Justin Wayne

Hey y’all! Welcome to the new home of The Weekend here on VicariousRex.com! We’re so excited to be here and to welcome (again, he was on the show last week too) Chris Bigley, the owner of Vicarious Rex, to The Weekend as host. He’s a great supporter of independent music in the northwest and will […]

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TWKND 26: Whisky Barrel Rocker

February 28, 2015
Created by Justin Wayne

La Grande’s Whisky Barrel Rocker joins us at The Workshop for a legendary live session and a chat about where they’re headed as a band (hint: it includes a bit of comedy.) You’ll also hear some great northwest independent music and enjoy our farewell bits and pieces to 107.7 FM and Capps Broadcast Group who […]

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TWKND 25: Device Grips

February 22, 2015
Created by Justin Wayne

The rock/funk/hip hop/reggae blended act Device Grips visit Justin from Portland to talk about their upcoming album release which they’re recording right now, and to play a few tunes – one of which is the upcoming single, Traffic. You’ll also get your fill of the gigs and other goings on in the area with the […]

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