TWKND 09: Reggie Mace, Beth Rahn and The FrogHollow Band

November 2, 2014
Created by Chris

From the middle of nowhere to the practice studio of Walla Walla’s favorite local band, Justin Wayne gets out of the studio in this episode. On his road trip, he speaks to Reggie Mace and Beth Rahn who put on Middle of Nowhere Sessions in Dayton, Washington and hits up The FrogHollow Band at their […]

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TWKND 8: James Andrews and Kye Alfred Hillig

October 26, 2014
Created by Chris

The Good Pack is a brand new music curation service offering downloadable music bundles that support the emerging artists and charities in the Pacific Northwest. The creator, James Andrews, joined Justin on the show to talk about this as well as Kye Alfred Hillig, one of the artists included on the first Good Pack. You’ll […]

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TWKND 2: Roaming Herds of Buffalo and Kory Nagler

September 14, 2014
Created by Justin Wayne

This episode features a phone interview with Seattle’s Roaming Herds of Buffalo and they’ll talk about their upcoming album, Apocalypse Beach. We’ll also hear an exclusive track from them from their previous band, Skeletons with Flesh on Them.¬†We also pull local Walla Wallan Kory Nagler into the studio for an interview and live session with […]

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TWKND 1: Dakota Brown Band and Matt Schofield

September 6, 2014
Created by Chris

In this episode of The Weekend, you’ll hear interviews with Matt Schofield and an interview and live session from the Dakota Brown Band. We’ll play some other music from around the region and let you know what’s going on in your local area. This is the first episode of The Weekend, originally aired on 107.7 […]

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